Financial Advice

Financial advice is important when looking to take out any financial product and can help save people time and money.

Certain financial products need advice more than others but people can benefit from getting help no matter what their circumstances may be.

Financial Advice: Why An Advisor Could Help You Save Money

Some organisations will offer free financial advice, only making money once you are suitable for a financial product. You can also get some free debt solutions including free debt management plans.

This is basically a “pay on success” basis which protects people from paying without receiving a service.

Thanks to the invention of the internet, getting free, impartial and quick financial advice is easier to get than ever.

Financial Products

Personal Loan

Some people take out a personal loan to pay for a holiday, a car or even to clear their debts. There are some secured loans which can be secured against a mortgage, however it’s advisable to check with your mortgage advisor before proceeding so they can check the best mortgage deals.

Financial organisation will charge interest each month but the amount will depend on a number of factors.

The greater the risk of the loan no being repaid on time by the borrower, the higher the interest rate will be.


Payment protection insurance which has been mis-sold can be reclaimed but how do you know if it was mis-sold?

You can write to the organisation you feel mis-sold the payment protection insurance and ask if you’re due money. This involves a lot of work such as collect all the appropriate paper work, know when it was mis-sold, etc

A financial advisor can complete all necessary paperwork, contact the right departments and have a decision within weeks. Often it will be “pay on success” which means you aren’t out of pocket if the decision goes the wrong way.


While some insurance is easy enough to work out the best deal on because of online comparison site, others such as life insurance is more complex.

Finding the best insurance policy, which cover all necessary factors is extremely important otherwise you could find yourself uninsured when you most need it.

A financial advisor is able to make sure the policy fits your needs, at the right price and is easy to understand.